Looking for someone to write your blog, e-Newsletter or update your website? 

Let The Copywriter Online help you to maintain a freshness in your relationships with your customers.
Are you too busy to write interesting and vibrant copy?
If you’re a small to medium business owner you’re probably in business because you love what you do and you want to make money from it. You don’t want to write newsletters and blogs or constantly update your website to keep it interesting and current. What’s more you’re too busy! But that doesn’t mean you can ignore the need for fresh, vibrant and interesting copy if you want to maintain a relationship with your customers.Whether you want us to write the copy for you or just edit your existing copy, we can help! 

The Copywriter Online can help you. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

We offer economical packages for regular writing projects such as blog posts, e-Newsletters and website content updates. Use our Contact Form to get further details or ask for a quote. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how little it costs to maintain a blog or send a regular e-Newsletter.

Get ahead of your competition
By communicating regularly, personally and interactively with your customers you establish and then maintain an ongoing relationship that means you’re always top of mind when they need your services. Blogs allow your customers to interact with you – they are rapidly becoming an essential tool for any website. What’s more, by hiring The Copywriter Online you’re assured of a professional product; plus it leaves you free to do what you love. 

You send us the topics we take care of the rest
All you need to do is give us the bare bones of your newsletter or blog post – a short list will do – and we’ll do the rest. We’ll write it, get it approved and then upload and publish it to your site for you. Contact us by phone or email today. 

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