seo is not an add-on

Many businesses contract for a website, get their copy written by the sales force and then wonder why they don’t get many visitors and, why they don’t rank in the search engines. Then some bright spark says…

We need seo!

So they either delegate someone to research it or they contract an seo company to do it for them. But this is putting the cart before the horse (to use a pre-tech age metaphor) because the next step will be  – “what keywords do we need?”.  Then large amounts of energy, time and money will be poured into extracting the most popular keywords. Trust me, you really don’t want that! Why?

Do you really want thousands of unqualified leads?

Of course you don’t. But if you just go with the most popular keywords then that’s what you’ll get. Seo is your chance to select your web visitors based on their needs matching your offering. This is a golden opportunity to find qualified leads. Don’t squander it!

Make seo an integral part of your marketing and sales planning

Presumably you conduct market research for other, non-web promotions so why not use what you’ve learnt about your potential customers to craft your seo efforts to bring you qualified leads? Compile your keyword list based on your customer profile; on what they are looking for; on the needs they have that you can fulfill.

Let you customers self-select

That’s why seo isn’t add-on. Or shouldn’t be. It should be part of your overall marketing intelligence. Seo is your opportunity to let your customers self-select for relevance and a good match with your services. Don’t waste it!


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