There is such a thing as a free lunch…

Well, not lunch exactly, but free copywriting? Definitely! For those of you who haven’t got the funds for a professional copywriter there is a new site where you can get generic, free copywriting for your business.

So why am I spruiking it?

The copywriting market is huge! There is room in it for all levels of professionalism and price. One of my aims in this blog is to help people who are starting off in business and who can’t afford a copywriter. [When their businesses are doing well, hopefully they’ll remember their friends! :o)]

Where to get free copywriting

Professional copywriters – myself included – have donated their work for use free of charge. You can find this goldmine at The site is new and over the next few months the contributing copywriters will add more and more copy, making this one helluva a resource. So check it out!


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