The interrupting cow…

Those of you who watch any commercial TV in Australia will have seen what I refer to as the “interrupting cow ad”.  In it a little girl tells a knock knock joke. It’s very cute. It makes you laugh. But can you remember who it’s for? Or what it was actually selling? I can’t. I know it’s either Target or K-Mart – at least I think it is but what products were being promoted I can’t remember. And that’s the problem.

Too funny for its own good

That’s one of my beefs about clever ads. Too little branding. Or at least branding that’s not strong enough to override the cleverness. The message is clear, or should be. Don’t sacrifice clarity for cleverness. If your core business isn’t humour then don’t try selling it. Be funny by all means but in a way that’s a play on your name or your product so that it gets remembered.  Knock, knock…


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