Copywriting – the written art of persuasion

Imagine this… you’re sitting at home; feet up; TV on; it’s warm and cosy and the sound of the rain on the colorbond roof is almost drowning out the TV. You take a deep breath and begin to relax. It’s the end of the week and the long weekend stretches ahead of you. Wouldn’t it be lovely to just get away. Enjoy a little warmth, a little sun on your face. Relax a little; enjoy nice meals prepared by someone else; have a massage; go to sleep to the lovely shushing sound of the sea…

So how did that make you feel?

Did you identify with the feelings involved? Did you get a picture in your mind? So now, if you were made an offer like “If you want to get away right now, you can. Go to and get the best deals instantly!” would you be tempted? Possibly. After all, if you have identified with the scenario you’ve already opened yourself to the possibility. Why is that more effective than the following: “Looking to get away? Go to and get the best deals instantly.”

Why is one better than the other?

The first one sets the scene. It allows you to use your imagination to put yourself in a position where you would be a potential customer of the service being offered. The second is more like cold calling. The first is a call to emotions, to feelings; the second to logic, haste. The first uncovers a need for the service; the second assumes a need.

Copywriting techniques

Copywriting isn’t just a case of straightforward communication. At it’s best it helps people to see themselves using your product to fulfil a need they may not have realised they had. That’s why copywriting is both an art and a science. It’s the written art of persuasion.


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