Idioms and the importance of using native speakers

was reminded again of the importance of using native speakers to communicate a message when I came upon a recent spam message. At first I was a bit puzzled and then the light dawned. The spammer had used an idiom which he had expressed strangely.

Hello the man not familiar to me!

Recognise it? A somewhat mangled version I suspect of “Hello stranger!”.  It doesn’t have the same impact somehow, does it? And while this is all a bit of joke, it’s not a joke if you make mistakes with the language with your products.

Add value to your products by using competent native English speakers

On many occasions I have looked at products that appear well made and that are selling for a good price and I haven’t bought them. Why? Because the packaging had descriptions that were written in poor, misspelled English. It makes the whole product look cheap and nasty when that may not be the case.

Import the products not the blurb

So, if you want your imported products to be perceived as quality products, and you want to maximise your selling price then use a native speaking copywriter to write your packaging descriptions and your user manuals. It’ll be money well spent.


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