Blogs – why you need one

Many businesses I know are resisting having a blog on their site. And I can understand why. It’s a lot of work. But just focusing on the negative aspects of blogging can blind you to the undeniable benefits.

OK! So what are the benfits of blogging?

I like to keep my blog posts short but useful, so instead of waxing lyrical about the benefits in a short essay, I’ll give you a list.

  • they get syndicated bringing much needed exposure
  • they can increase site traffic
  • they allow you to promote your business economically
  • they allow your customers to interact with you
  • they help people get to know you
  • they add a freshness and vibrancy to your website
  • if you don’t have one and your competitors do then you’ll be left behind
But isn’t is too hard?

Certainly it takes time to write blog posts but they don’t have to be the size of War and Peace! It’s really all a question of planning and I’ll tackle this in my next post. For now all I’m advising is, don’t dismiss blogs out of hand. Think seriously about adding one to your site.


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