New services for cash-strapped, time-poor small businesses

Small businesses always do it tough compared to their larger relatives. Rising costs hit the bottom line hard and so they are always looking for ways to become leaner.

How to cut costs without impacting new business opportunities

At The Copywriter Online we’re always looking for ways to help businesses gain new business and maintain current business relationships in an efficient and cost-effective way. That’s why we’re introducing our new editing service.

Save money without losing impact or SEO effectiveness!

OK, so you don’t have much time and you don’t have scads of money to throw about for snappy, SEO, sales-oriented copywriting. Our new service is just for you! You write the basic copy, give us a list of your keywords (if it’s for web copy) and let us massage your copy into effective,interesting and engaging copy. Whether you need a web page, a newsletter, a blog or a brochure, we can edit your copy to more effectively deliver your message.


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