Writing web copy

Many people think that writing a website is easy and that it’s just the same as any other sales copy. I disagree.

Why web copy is different from other sales copy

Reading sales copy in a newsletter or a brochure is different from reading on a computer screen. There is an urgency on the web that isn’t there in physical sales materials. Many people find it uncomfortable to read on screen and so they want to get the relevant information as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Making it easy for web readers

The technique I have found most effective – and yet many people don’t use it – is to have sub-headings for most paragraphs. This allows readers to scan the page to see if it’s for them. If the sub-headings catch their interest then they’ll read further.

Why having sub-headings makes it harder for writers

This is why I say that writing good web content isn’t easy. You have to be able to summarisethe content of each paragraph in a sub-heading that is interesting, relevant and engaging. This takes creativity, practice and experience.

If you only get one page professionally written…

Your homepage is your first impression on the web. It’s a make or break page. If you don’t have the resources to have your whole site professionally written then I would urge you to at least get your homepage written by a professional web copywriter. Failing that, get it edited by a professional web copywriter. That’s probably the most cost-effective way of getting a homepage that makes a great first impression.


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