Why do you need a website?

Many small to medium businesses don’t have websites. They figure that they don’t do business on the web i.e. sell online, and therefore they don’t need one. I think they’re wrong and I’ll tell you why…

Why your business needs its own website

These days people like to do a little research before they contact a business to ask for a quote. A brochure is one way but people still want to look online and if you don’t have a website you risk looking amateurish. It’s crazy, I know but that’s what people think.

A website allows people to size you up before they contact you. It’s especially important for those businesses who are listed in online business directories. Many people don’t want to phone as a first point of contact. They want to check up on you behind your back by looking at your website.

Make a good impression

Because many people’s first contact with your business is via the web, it’s important to give them all the information they need. To answer questions before they’re asked and to make a great first impression.

It’s all about professionalism and approachability

Obviously your website must look professional but it must also have a “human” touch. Sounds strange doesn’t it? What I mean is that if you make your business seem so cool, polished and impersonal you’ll scare people away. They want to know that your not too big or too aloof for them to do business with. That’s why, in addition to professionalism, you need to develop a voice for your business which communicates in a clear, friendly, yet professional manner. That’s where copywriters come in. We can help you develop a voice that is right for your business.


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