Make life easy for your web visitors

This last week I’ve been doing quite a bit of research online trying to buy a number of products and services and I realised once again how difficult some people make it for customers to buy from them.

Don’t make your clients jump hurdles

One of the main things I’m looking for when I want to buy a product is the delivery cost and I guess many of you are the same. Is it going to be cheaper for me to trek round the city looking for it or will it be cheaper if I buy online? This should be an easy to find piece of information and yet many times it is not. I’ll give you an example. I was looking on the search engines for a product and found it. The link took me direct to the product page. Nowhere was delivery mentioned. I added the product to the cart. Still no mention of delivery! I looked for a link on the site saying shipping or delivery – nothing! In the end I went to the contact page, got a phone number and called. No one available to take my call! I left a message and then kept looking elsewhere. Eventually I found somewhere where the delivery costs were up front and I bought the product. When the first company rang back I explained the problem to the sales person/owner. He was very affronted – “It’s on the home page!” he sneered. But I didn’t enter his site on the home page and none of the other pages had a link to this information.

Information should be easily available

Another “delivery information hurdle” is where you have to add the product to the cart, then register and login and then it will be calcuated. I learned long ago to give these sites a miss. Who wants to provide all their details only to find out the delivery costs are too dear?

Easy find, easy stay, easy buy!

That’s the motto web sellers should adopt. Ask yourself what information people want and need in order to buy from you and then give it to them up front. Make it easy and they stay on your site. Keep it easy and they’ll buy from you and not your competitor.


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