Twitter and Twellow – be careful!

Many people know what Twitter is, but for those who don’t, it is a microblogging tool. It allows messages – called Tweets –  of 140 characters to be SMSed, posted on a website or attached to instant messaging software.

Is there a Tweet worth reading?

If there is then I haven’t found it yet! Mostly it’s trivial, ego-bloating stuff. Does anyone really care what’s in your sandwich? There are some blogs devoted to showing how this technology can be used for marketing but I’m still sceptical.

What’s Twellow?

Twellow is a sort of search engine of Tweeters! You can search by category or by name. I searched for a professional category and I was amazed at what I found. I wonder if some of these people realise what effect there banal tweets can have on their professional lives. Of the ones listed I would only have approached two. The rest used foul language, or trivial and ininteresting tweets which made them appear a bit vacuous.

Use Twellow with caution

With Twellow and Twitter the borders between professional and private life have become even more blurry. So be aware, that if you’re listed on Twellow then people looking for your services may check up on you there and if they see foul language and the like then they, or your employer, may take a dim view of your professionalism.

A cool tool?

A cool tool it may be but what sort of tool? Perhaps a double-edged sword! Be careful or your Tweets may come back to bite you…


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