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How to get the best from your copywriter

The best way to get the best work from your copywriter is to give her or him a complete, well-documented and detailed brief. I know this sounds obvious but so many times it doesn’t happen.

Copywriters are a bit like computers in one way…

Well I know that’s a bit tongue in cheek but they say of computers that if you put garbage in you get garbage out and something similar happens with copywriters. If you don’t tell them who your audience is; what your product or service is; what your competitive edge is, and in a fair amount of detail, then you’ll get a half-baked job.

Just stating the obvious?

Well you might think so, but so many times I get asked to write content for websites from a half-page email. I had one recently which I should have turned down from the start. I had a bad feeling about it but because I like to help people and also because this person had trouble expressing themselves in English, I tried to coax information from the prospective client. Eventually I got the half page email plus what was already on the site. I quoted and it was accepted but because of my instincts I said I would only write a small part to begin with to ensure that we understood the project. You know what happened. It all fell apart…

What to tell a copywriter

Because of this latest experience of wasting time and money I have decided to publish on my blog a detailed list of what you need to tell your copywriter to get the best from them. And other copywriters out there, feel free to add your comments to it, or use it as part of your brief requirements. I’ll try to make this list my next post on my return from a bit of well-earned R&R.