Well-written material adds value

If you export or import into English speaking countries and the written material supporting your product or services is written by non-native English speakers, then chances are that you are not realising the full potential of your business. If the quality of the written English is poor then your products or services are perceived as being inferior even though they may not be.

Increase the price potential of your product

If you want to increase your sales and the price you can ask for your products then you need good quality, English written materials. A good quality product with a poorly written English manual will never achieve its price potential.

Cost/benefit analysis

It’s tempting to say that price is king and that by employing a copywriter you’ll be increasing your overheads. That’s not the whole truth though. A poorly written manual can result in many more support calls and product returns than a clearly written one with easy-to-follow instructions. A copywriting fee is a one-off investment; support calls and product returns are ongoing burdens on your business.

This article was written by Munaiba Khan of The Copywriter Online, an online business that offers professional copywriting by native English speakers.


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