Content vs Looks

This is another of my articles that I used to offer free on my website but I think its message needs emphasising so here it is.

The content of your website is more important than the way it looks!

Don’t get me wrong! It is important that your website looks professional and attracts your target audience. However, it’s even more important that your message is clear, interesting and persuasive.

Don’t waste thousands of dollars on a pretty website that doesn’t do its job!

Many businesses spend thousands of dollars on fancy looking sites that don’t sell well. Why? Because the content is poor. It doesn’t engage with the website visitor. It doesn’t interest them, it doesn’t tell them what they want to know and it doesn’t encourage them to stay.

Amateur vs Professional

No company would pay thousands of dollars for a double page spread in a glossy magazine and then let an amateur come up with the concept, the copy and the design. So why do they do that very same thing with their websites? Writing copy for the web is an art and a science.

Can’t afford a professional web copywriter?

If you can’t afford a professional web copywriter to do your whole site, I have some suggestions to help you make the most of your website until you can raise your promotional budget. First, if at all possible, at least pay for your homepage to be professionally written and search engine optimised. Second follow the simple rules in my article Tips for writing for the web.

Your website is a promotional tool

A website is a promotional tool. It shouldn’t just be a “presence”. Most businesses invest large sums of money in their sites and they don’t see a return on that investment. So take the time to refine your message; write it – or get it written for you – in a way that really resonates with target audience, and then monitor it’s success.


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