Commonsense Marketing

Despite what some people will tell you, marketing isn’t rocket science! If you use commonsense, perseverance and diligence then you can implement a marketing system that will work for your business.

Target, measure, evaluate and refine. The four most important words in marketing!

Do you know which of your marketing initiatives work and which don’t? Do you know how well they work and do you know how to capitalise on them?

Too much to do, too little time!

This is the problem most businesses face these days. They are so busy running their businesses that they don’t have the time to market their businesses well or consistently. That’s why it’s often useful to employ a professional marketing communications consultant to do the work for you.


Many small businesses have a hit and miss approach to marketing. They spend time, money and effort on direct mail and other marketing campaigns yet they don’t put enough care into targeting them properly. Consequently they experience poor to indifferent results.


There are several ways of measuring the success of a marketing or advertising campaign but they should all involve the dollar value received vs the dollars outlaid. Many businesses will just note how many enquiries they got from a particular campaign rather than how much revenue the campaign generated. This information is vital because it tells you how accurately you are targeting your communications.

Evaluating and refining

Evaluating a campaign is important to allow for fine tuning. It is important to refine either the message, the medium or the offer in light of what your evaluation reveals.

Follow up

This is an area where many businesses fall down. They go to a lot of expense and effort and then they don’t follow up their leads properly or enough. There are lots of examples where companies have run campaigns, people have responded asking for sales information and yet they never receive it!

Marketing system

This marketing system is based on the perpetual feedback loop of target, measure, evaluate and refine. At The Copywriter Online we can help you to implement it, or we can implement it for you. You are in control at all times.


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