Telling it like it is – the art of public speaking

Everyone knows that speaking in public is challenging…

Some people find it exhilarating and others just want to curl up and die. Either way, it is easier to do if you have a well-written, well-rehearsed speech.

As a past president of a Toastmaster’s International branch,  I am well-placed to help you, not only with your speech but also with a few tips and tricks to overcome nerves and increase your confidence.

The audience wants to hear what you have to say

Unless you’re on the hustings or you’re a PR Manager in damage control then it is important to realise that most of the audience starts off by wanting to hear what you have to say.

Engage their interest

If you can engage their interest and a build a rapport with them in the first few minutes then the rest should be plain sailing. This is where a good speech writer can be invaluable. A strong opening to your speech will set the tone for the rest of the delivery.

What makes a good speech?

Good speeches have several features in common. These are:

  • They are not overlong
  • They establish a rapport with the audience quickly
  • They are not read
  • They have been well-rehearsed
  • They are interesting
  • They use language the audience can understand – this means that for a generalist audience you would not use jargon or technical terms without explanation.
  • They have a beginning, a middle, and an end
  • They leave the audience with something to ponder – it could be a challenge, a joke or a new way of looking at something.
Make a memorable speech

Whatever the occasion, make your next speech memorable and ask The Copywriter Online to write it for you. We can help you with Business Presentations, Luncheon or After Dinner Speeches and Information Events. Contact The Copywriter Online to talk about your next speech.


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