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Becoming Social Media Savvy

Becoming Social Media Savvy is pretty much a “must” if you want to run a successful business these days. With this in mind Catherine Saxelby from and I went to a meeting of Social Media Women on Tuesday evening.

Catherine Saxelby (left) and Munaiba Khan

Catherine Saxelby (left) and Munaiba Khan

The speaker was Valerie Khoo of the Sydney Writers’ Centre and she spoke very eloquently and amusingly of her journey through the social media minefield.

Valerie Khoo

Valerie Khoo

There were four take home messages from her talk and these were:

  • educate yourself even if it’s only by reading “Social Media for Dummies”. You need to know what to do to get your business seen online.
  • engage in a conversation – social media is about multi-way communication not a monologue.
  • create relationships; really engage with others and business will follow.
  • be authentic and reciprocate kindnesses, information sharing and help.

Written out like this these all seem like common sense – and they are – but many people tend to regard social media as “gimme”. They just want to take and not contribute. Obviously there has to be a balance but my thoughts are that you if you’re only out for what you can get it will show and you’ll put in a lot of effort for nothing.

Hollow transactions

This has been a pet hate of mine for some time and I thought I’d have a little rant about it here because I think it’s relevant. Have you ever signed up for a free eBook only to find out that there is very little of value just a thinly disguised advertising spiel? Did you buy? Probably not. That’s what I call a hollow transaction. You were promised 10 Sure-fire Tips for something or other and what you got was an ad pitch. I see so much web content like this these days and I really think it is counter productive. Yes you may get sales, but only once. Maybe if you get thousands of one-off sales you don’t care but if you want a reputable, long-term business then be authentic. Interact with your customers and potential customers as a human being and not a money grabbing machine.

Sometimes you get ripped off in the process, it has happened to me, where I have spent time and effort helping someone only to have them go to someone cheaper armed with the knowledge I have given them but you know what? They wouldn’t have made a good client anyway so it’s no real loss.

Thanks valerie Khoo

Thanks Valerie for an enjoyable and informative talk and thank you Catriona Pollard for organising the event. I know it took lots of work and it is much appreciated.

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