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More than just words…

When Uriel Maimon contacted me to do some copywriting for his site, Nominal Accounting, I was more than happy to help out. As we worked together I was able to make suggestions which he took on board. It also transpired that he had other business requirements which I was also able to help him with. Here’s what he had to say about collaboration:

I would like to thank you for your help with copywriting content for our website and user guide.You have been very responsive to all my queries and flexible with our engagement.

I especially would like to thank you for assisting me with additional things like coming up with online support options and your awesome work on the IVR script and recording!

Above my expectations.
Thanks again and I am sure we will work together again soon.

Uriel Maimon


Another happy customer…

Here’s another testimonial from one of my clients. This time it’s Barb Cowen of The Quilting Connection who contracted me to help her with her blog.

Mine is a small business in a hobby industry, nevertheless, the sort of image I present to the public online is important to me.

I struggle at times to stay on top of the administrative duties and recently my blog had fallen behind. Munaiba Khan, came to my rescue!

Munaiba’s ability to turn a few short and jumbled notes into an attractive, smooth-flowing, and interesting read has been very helpful. I found her quick grasp of the topic most helpful and I am very impressed by her ability to adapt her writing style accordingly.

Munaiba was patient when dealing with some complicated software and proved to me her thorough grasp of copywriting.
Munaiba is a true professional, I have enjoyed working with her and I have no hesitation in recommending ‘The Copywriter Online’ to anyone needing assistance of this kind.

Good value for money.
Barb Cowan The Quilt Connection – Brisbane Australia


What my clients say…

Many times recently my clients have sent me some really lovely testimonials. I admit that I ‘ve been slack and not done anything about them. Anyway, New Year, new broom, so I decided to share some of them with you.

This one is from Catherine Saxelby of

Munaiba Khan adds value to our business on two fronts.  Firstly, her copywriting skills are outstanding. She makes our web content sparkle, adds punch to our marketing material and lifts the tone of articles and product reviews.  With her honed editing eye, she makes the text read so well, it ‘sings off the page’. It’s a pleasure to read.  Best of all, now we never have an embarrassing clanger of a typo out there anymore!

Second, in addition to copywriting, her web knowledge is extensive, having had experience as a web developer and website backend admin expert. She’s across web structure and language so she knows what can and can’t be done. She can make sense of that geeky tech-speak that so many developers use these days.  We have used her as a consultant on two re-developments on our Foodwatch site and found her professional and thorough with an eye for detail.  She is responsible in a great part for the success of our current site.  I would have no hesitation in recommending her for copywriting or web work and have in fact given her details to several of my small business colleagues.

Catherine Saxelby

Nutrition and DirectorFoodwatch Nutrition Centre