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What The Copywriter Online can do for you…

As a professional copywriting and marketing communications consultancy we can help you with all your communications.

How we work…

We have two methods of working — face-to-face or electronically. Face-to-face is the traditional method, and if you are located in Sydney, Australia, we are more than happy to visit your offices and meet with you to discuss your communications needs. However, in this age of fast-paced communication where everyone is trying to squeeze more hours out of the day we have found that in many cases it is more efficient to work using electronic communications media such as phone, fax, email and instant messaging. In fact we successfully service clients Australia-wide and worldwide using these methods.

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Why electronic communication works well…

In face-to-face meetings people have a tendency to move off target and much time can be wasted, not just in travelling to and from meetings, but also in the meeting itself. Conference calls, emails and instant messaging have a sense of urgency that keeps us to the point and focussed on the job in hand. If you’re looking for professional communications delivered in the most cost-effective way then The Copywriter Online can help. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Methods of payment

We can quote per project, work on an hourly rate or on a monthly retainer (min 20 hours at a reduced rate). Overseas projects and those booked online require a 20% deposit. Copyright to all work is released on full payment of the account.

Overseas customers can pay using PayPal.


Services available from The Copywriter Online include the following categories:

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