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Word of Mouth

The best way for business to come to you is word of mouth, when a satisfied customer passes your details onto others who need your services. I have been very blessed in this way which is why I have let my website alone for so long. I am not greedy for business. I have been able to happily maintain a good work/life balance and so I haven’t been “out there” hassling for business. Nor am I doing so now.

My purpose in writing this is just to let you know that I am still in business and welcome serious enquiries. Please feel free to contact me via the webform here.



Accuracy of expression – vital for business

In the last couple of weeks I have purchased several major items and services. I consider myself to be a pretty savvy purchaser but I fell foul of inaccurate information given to me by some of the people I bought items from. That got me thinking about customer satisfaction, repeat business, word-of-mouth praise or criticism, complaints-handling and a whole host of other issues that can result from inaccurate representations.

Count the cost

There are several costs that can be involved in relaying inaccurate information to a client or customer. Here’s a list I’ve come up with but there could well be more:

  1. You could lose the sale
  2. You could have your business “bad-mouthed” by the customer and this could be in person and on the internet. Who knows how influential they are and how wide their circle is?
  3. You could make the sale and then have a dissatisfied customer which could then cost you time and possibly money in complaints-handling, a law suit, a consumer affairs formal investigation as well as being “bad-mouthed” (see No: 2)
  4. You could lose future sales from your client because they no longer trust you.
  5. You could lose referral business.

It seems to me that moral questions aside (and personally I think these are the most important) it is a very risky and potentially expensive business to give inaccurate information to your clients.

How to overcome this

Whenever we write something we need to ensure that our descriptions of our products and services are accurate, clear and not open to interpretation. Hiring a professional copywriter can assist you here. However that’s not the only way. If you can’t afford a copywriter then you really need to get several people of differing backgrounds to read your sales pitch and see if they understand what you intended to convey.

In addition to this you need to ensure that your sales staff have all the information at their fingertips. They should be trained NOT TO GUESS. If a customer asks a question they are not sure of then the response should be “I’m not sure but I’ll find out for you”. If you bring in new products, warranties or whatever then you need to train your staff and give them the material they need to answer all questions honestly and accurately.

Most of us are doing the best we can

Most business owners and sales people are honest. We do the best we can. But it seems to me we need to ensure that our clients thoroughly understand what we are going to do for them before we do it. Misunderstandings happen in all human relationships and small ones can be apologised for, made up for in some way and generally smoothed over  but serious ones can ruin your business.

Turning a complaint into a triumph

It is possible to turn a complaint into a triumph by the way you handle the complaint. I’ll be blogging about this soon….

You can choose to have a well-written website…

or you can choose one that ranks well with search engines…

or one that sells…

If you want all three we can help you, but it’s your choice.

There are several factors that decide how well your site ranks with the search engines. One of them is search engine optimised (seo) copy. So, if you’re looking for well-written copy that assists with search engine ranking AND that sells, then we can help.

1. Don’t sacrifice effective selling copy in order to rank well – you need both!

Some seo copywriters sacrifice the selling effectiveness and communication component of their copy just to get a good search engine ranking. Don’t do it! It’s a waste of time and money. There’s no point having thousands of visitors to your site if you can’t convert any of them into customers. Make sure you hire an seo copywriter who can write to sell as well.

2. Get ahead of your competition

With professional seo copywriting your website can be an effective tool for gaining more business; for communicating with your existing and potential customers; and for selling more of your products and services.

3. Ask us about other seo strategies…

At The Copywriter Online we can advise you on other techniques and strategies that you can employ to legitimately raise your search engine profile. Contact us today and ask us for a quote to write seo copy and web content for your website. Read our testimonials to see what our customers think of us.

Give as good as you get…

..or to put it another way, you’ll get as good as you give. When it comes to hiring a copywriter – or any other professional for that matter – a good brief is vital. Here are some things you should take into account when building a brief for a copywriter.

Building a better copywriting brief

Copywriters aren’t clairvoyants. They may get a sense of what you want when they speak to you but their interpretation of your needs may not be accurate. That’s why you need a good brief. It’s also why your copywriting will only be as good as the brief. So what makes a good brief? There are several things that you should include:

  • Market research – if you’ve got it. The copywriter needs to know for whom she, or he, is writing. What are the demographics of your target audience?
  • What are the features and benefits of your products or services? (For more on this see my free article From feature to benefit)
  • What is your unique selling point (also known as a USP)? In other words why should people buy your product rather than someone else’s?
  • What is the tone of the communication you are planning? Professional, funky, techy etc.
  • Do you want it written from scratch or do you have a draft you want the copywriter to work from?
  • Do you already have a design in mind? If so what are the word and layout limitations the copywriter must work to?
  • Are there any existing promotional materials that the copywriter should see? This is particularly important if you want the new work to fit in with previous material.

This list isn’t exhaustive and every project is different but it should give you a feel for what you need to get started with your copywriter.